The major role for LAVENDER AUSTRALIA is to help grow the Lavender industry in Australia by supporting commercial growers and distillers of lavender essential oil. However membership of the Organisation is available to everyone who has an interest in Lavender. Novice and experienced growers, lavender producers and associated lavender businesses as well as passionate gardeners are gladly welcomed as members.

LAVENDER AUSTRALIA is the peak body for Lavender in Australia.

Lavender in its many forms has graced the pages of the history books. There are many stories and recounted tales of famous people having used Lavender in their daily life.

In this modern age of technology where the goal of life is ‘Constant Change’, Lavender is still an enormously important plant and the essential oil is still the most widely used essential oil in the world.

Lavender essential oil is used extensively for traditional remedies and is a lynchpin of the flavour and fragrance industry worldwide.

LAVENDER AUSTRALIA is committed to develop a viable network of Lavender Growers, Producers and Retailers, and therefore foster a viable Lavender industry here.


If you are interested in Lavender then Lavender Australia can help you develop your interest and possibly become more actively involved in the industry. Consider becoming a Member of the Organisation and obtain accurate information.            

The Membership page has details for joining the Organisation and some important questions to help you decide to be come a member.

We will answer general gardening questions on Lavender however this service is only offered when staff has time available.

Technical and specific commercial questions on Lavender are only answered in the Lavender Australia MAGAZINE so that all the Members can benefit form the information.